Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence (COE) focus on building and enhancing competencies in various areas of technology. In order to provide suitable solutions along with our best practices to our customers, we proactively invest in developing and maintaining best practices in these technology, domain and business process areas. Presently, we have COE in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile, Web, CRM and Healthcare.

Our COE focus on developing best practices in specific technologies and business processes that enhance our ability to build better solutions by adopting right approaches. COE help our customers in realizing their business goals by leveraging our best practices, creativity, innovation and a global delivery model.

Our COE establish, sustain and grow our strategic partnership alliances with technology vendors and aide in enhancing skill level of our resources. Presently, we have established COE in Chennai and Nagercoil, focusing on Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile, Web and CRM technologies.

We offer reliable and better quality services for customers by developing, maintaining and implementing methodologies, best practices and tools. We continuously invest in developing set of re-usable components, frameworks, practices and knowledge base to proactively reduce the development and implementation time/effort of our solutions.

Microsoft Center of Excellence

Our Microsoft COE is focused on Microsoft .Net technologies to provide our clients with most effective way of development and maintenance of solutions built using Microsoft technologies across verticals.

With experienced gained from several successful initiatives using Microsoft technologies, we are in position to build and implement quality solutions through use of our/industry best practices, standards and highly skilled global workforce well versed with Microsoft technologies.

Open Source Center of Excellence

Our Open Source Center of Excellence focuses on many open source technologies in different areas – platforms, databases, development environments, application servers, testing and reporting tools.

The COE strives to standardize the execution and implementation of open source software/products. It is the source of documentation, guidance, shared best practices and metrics for our project teams, developing and maintaining solutions for customers.

Web 2.0 Center of Excellence

Our Web 2.0 Center of Excellence focuses on developing best practices in web, social networking and mobility. The use of Web COE can help you in many ways – creating an impressive website, integrating with social networking platforms, achieving profitability and productivity within your organization and in streamlining the customer experiences for revenue and brand enhancements etc.

Our gamut of Services includes web designing and website design & development, web application development, integration with social networking platforms, mobile design and integration, search engine optimization (SEO), portal development and maintenance services.