Companies around the world have successfully deployed mobile solution to increase sales, reduce costs, streamline communications, and create competitive advantages. Yet, despite the growth, these companies represent only a fraction of the potential mobile user base. With the advancement of mobile technology and the extensive experience gained from early movers, the market is poised for growth as never before.

There remains, however, a lack of expertise in what works, what doesn’t, and how to apply these advancements to create business value. Compvue fills this void by providing business and technology consulting to companies looking to realize the full benefit of mobile technology. Building on broad industry knowledge and years of experience in the design and implementation of mission-critical mobile solutions, Compvue uses advanced mobile technology to deliver measurable business results.

Compvue adds value to our business clients via the extensive features we build into our mobile solutions. These solutions offer secure access to user data, great usability, and a user friendly interface. Business benefits from these solutions translate into the following value proposition:

  • Improved decision making via the ability to collect, access and evaluate critical business information quickly and accurately.
  • Enhanced management effectiveness while tracking work in progress and better communications with mobile personnel.
  • Increased reliability and data security based on handheld wiping.
  • Reduced operational costs associated with improved mobile device performance, increased battery life, and reduced bandwidth use.

Some of the major Mobile Tools & Technologies supported by us can be found below:

ios androidblackberry windows-mobile
Relational Databases
mysql sql-lite sql-server
Development Environment
windows mac linux
j2me obj-c
Unit Testing Tools
djunit findbugs checkstyle
Scripting Languages

Compvue offers customized up-to-date mobile solutions for businesses and individuals. Our expertise in cutting-edge mobile technologies ensures flawless performance and a superb-looking user interface. Compvue’s experience in custom mobile enterprise applications encompasses a whole range of device platforms, including handheld computers, PDAs, enterprise digital assistants, smartphones, and cell phones. Additionally, we have outstanding experience in the design, development, and implementation of mobile software for different operating systems such as Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android.

Our mobile technology consulting services include:

•    Mobile content
•    Mobile content delivery
•    SMS / TXT interaction
•    Mobile technology consultancy
•    Customized application development
•    Project outsourcing
•    Mobile Technology Strategy
•    Business Process Design
•    Business Architecture
•    Technical Architecture
•    Business partner selection
•    Project management
•    Implementation management
•    Ideas for your mobile business