Our Differentiation


Our target market segment is startups, small and medium businesses. Being a small to mid-size organization, we align well with this market segment. This gives us unique ability to give our customers our undivided attention, flexibility and quick response to their needs. No work is too small for us and we won’t normally engage in engagements that require more than 50 persons. This gives us ability to engage with our customers in our target segment the right way.

Global Footprint

Even though we are not a large organization, we have created a unique global footprint, U.S., India & Philippines, to benefit from the best talent, lower-cost of execution, access and quality. While our customers work with a U.S. based organization with management team in U.S., they benefit from getting access to the talent and facilities in emerging markets without having to worry about issues related to operating in those markets. All contracts, non-disclosure agreements and IP protection is enforced and guaranteed by U.S. organization while we internally enforce and guarantee the protection worldwide.


Each member of our management team comes with decades of information technology and business process outsourcing experience in U.S., Europe and Asia. They have gained this valuable experience by working these different continents, from small to large size outsourcing companies and spend valuable years developing the best practices in this area.

All our customers get full access to our executive team at all times. Even though we are young organization, you can immediately benefit from this experience and knowledge instantly. Our executive team actively engages with customers in strategizing the right approach, designing the right structure & processes and sees that engagement is successful.


We have an ideal mix of resources at all levels. All our resources come with years of experience in the industry. We have implemented very stringent screening and recruitment processes to ensure that we have the right DNA. So far we have maintained a track record of hundred percent successful engagements and each of our customers is a reference. All our customers expect us to be innovative and operationally sound. We tend to build teams that take care of both these needs.

Our Value and Cost-Effectiveness

Being a small to mid-size organization, we tend to provide our customers with a very cost-effective solution without compromising on the value. Our model is to work towards ensuring a win-win situation for our customer and us.