Cisco Live 2011

Las Vegas, NV July 10-14 2011 – Compvue, Inc will be participating in Cisco Live 2011 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cisco Live is an annual conference that allows networkers, developers, and Information Technology (IT) executives the opportunity to network and gain new industry perspectives through a variety of workshops and seminars.

Cisco Live offers seminars in a number of categories that directly involve Comvpue’s range of services. These include IT management, advancements in cloud architecture, networking tools, and developer’s education.

Moreover, Compvue has the opportunity to network with other emerging and established firms that will be represented at Cisco Live 2011. Moreover, the company will be able to stay abreast of industry trends by applying knowledge gained at this event directly to its products and services.

Cisco Live 2011 features an impressive list of exhibitors, sponsors, and Cisco-based executives that are expected to provide many valuable insights into the future of IT and Process Outsourcing.

Jul 11 2011