Hi – Tech Services

Compvue provides a wide range of Information Technology (IT) services for high-tech clients. Our organizationhas worked with companies that have a variety of different technological foci.As such, the nature of this business has often had us produce creative, powerful, and economical technology-based solutions. These challenges have since become an impressive breadth of experience shared by all levels of Compvue management.

Why Compvue?

Compvue is a technology company with a focus on the customer. Our hi-tech IT solutions are tailored to suit client needs and specifications. With a vast array of services provided by a dedicated workforce, every effort is made to ensure that our products are near perfection.

Backing our organization is an experienced management team that has decades of experience in the IT and hi-tech industry. Many members of this team started as software engineers or programmers, and thus have a deeply profound knowledge of the products and services Compvue offers. These capable leaders work directly with clients to ensure that there is a clear, solid direction in the services and products provided. Furthermore, their expertise is readily available whenever customer concerns are voiced.

By working with Compvue, clients gain access to a quality workforce, dedicated team of individuals, and prompt service. These tenets drive value into our business and satisfaction for our customers. Our IT solutions can help your company expand without a proportionate increase in costs, all while maintaining a high quality product.

High-Tech Information Technology (IT) Services

Compvue can assist your business in both large and small capacities. Our broad programming and technology expertise helps us create dynamic and flexible solutions of different scales. As these services span a wide variety of fields, they are certain to meet all of clients’ business needs.

Strategy & Implementation Roadmaps – To determine the best course of action when addressing a new project, Compvue creates strategy & implementation roadmaps that outline the tasks at hand. These roadmaps serve to identify the client’s "as-is" and "desired" states, the differences between these states, and the methods to bridge these differences. Included are important details of Compvue’s service such as time horizons, costs, tasks, personnel, necessary technology, and other metrics.

Application Software Development & Maintenance – Compvue offers a variety of software development and maintenance services. Our team can develop new software applications, improve existing ones, provide production support, perform maintenance, or provide any combination of these services. Moreover, custom application management can be applied on virtually any scale to best serve your needs. Each one of our services is performed sequentially with a customer-approved plan in place before any actual development is done. Further details on these services are outlined below.

  • Application Development
    • Analysis of customer requirements.
    • Architecture and design.
    • Code development.
    • User Interface Design.
  • Production Support
    • Help desk.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Monitoring.
    • Service pack and version upgrades.
    • Cause analysis.
  • Maintenance
    • Technical and functional enhancements.
    • Performance tuning and optimization.
    • Corrective and preventive maintenance.

Operation and Support – Businesses face tremendous pressure in ensuring that their enterprise class systems are on the cutting edge. Compvue provides cost-effective, efficient services to ensure that your firm’s systems and applications are up-to-date, functional, and cost-effective. Our operation and support services are detailed below.

  • Functional and technical support.
  • Problem management.
  • Application reporting and metrics.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Long-term coverage.
  • Flat-rate monthly fees.
  • Issue Resolution Knowledgebase.
  • 24/7 helpdesk, maintenance, & production support.
  • Short release cycle.

Adoption of New Technologies – Technology changes at a rapid pace. As such, it is often necessary for competitive businesses to adopt newer, feature-rich technologies in order to get the most out of their investments. We also understand that scaling up internal IT resources to do so may be unfeasible. Compvue strives to keep its clients competitive by keeping them ahead of the curve via the continuous adoption and integration of new technologies into client-based products.

Social Media Integration – Social Media is becoming increasingly relevant in the application of many IT systems. By keeping all relevant systems integrated and updated through social mediums, we help increase the reach and effectiveness of your IT systems.

Mobile Integration – Technological platforms are becoming smaller and more mobile. Mobile platforms are the interfaces of the future, with handheld devices becoming more technologically advanced every year. By integrating applications and systems onto mobile platforms, Compvue can help you develop powerful, accessible systems.

Technology – To create dynamic, flexible solutions that best serve clients’ needs, Compvue leverages a variety of different technologies and programming languages. Below is a list of notable platforms that Compvue operates with.

  • Microsoft
  • Open Source
  • Web 2.0 and Social Media Integration
  • Mobile

Technical Support – To ensure that all clients’ systems, applications, and products are working properly Compvue offers an experienced technical support team. Our support services ensure that any potential problems with Compvue related products are addressed efficiently, succinctly, and promptly. Our 24/7 technical support and helpdesk is staffed with capable and professional Compvue employees.

Software Reselling – Compvue is a licensed partner and reseller of a number of major companies including Microsoft, HP, and IBM. By providing these services, Compvue is able to bring clients an array of product choices - all geared to keep costs low and competitiveness high. Based on these partnerships, Compvue is able to cater to a broader market and create richer and value-added solutions that address today’s changing needs. Below is a list of partners and relevant product offerings.

  • Microsoft
  • HPM
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • RIM (Research in Motion) - Blackberry